The primary mission of Broadside Lotus Press in the 21st century is to provide processes, structures and literature to engender and support a literate, politically conscious, socially responsible community capable of giving clear voice to the reality, experiences, needs and struggles of humanity. The realities of the 21st century reflect the growth and expansion of the post-industrial information era, in which power is based on the control and manipulation of knowledge by groups of people who share a common history, race/ethnicity, and place in the world.

In this knowledge-dominated age, Broadside Lotus Press will identify and support young writers who possess an awareness of the dynamics governing 21st Century life, and understanding of the ways in which these dynamics impact our communities, and the talent and skills necessary to clearly and persuasively articulate our current challenges and achievements as a people.

In our community service programs, we will focus on three key areas of education of our youth: providing access to computer technology and training in the basic skill sets necessary to utilize it productively; developing strong language arts skills; and cultivating knowledge rooted in the black historical experience.

As an institution devoted to the world of literature and ideas, Broadside Lotus Press will continue to set high literary standards for our writers. As an institution invested in the education of our youth, we will reach out to youth everywhere to encourage a rigorous intellectual discipline that unleashes their innate genius and creativity. As an independent black institution, we commit ourselves to foster a level of literacy among our people that is responsive to the demands of 21st century technology; to support the production of literature that reflects the reality of our unique historical experience, and to advocate a heightened consciousness that will sustain the struggle for our liberation as a people.